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12 Years
 Experience  behind the wheel as an ADI 

My name is John Williams and I gave up my business and retired just over twelve years ago. It didn't take long to realise that retirement was not for me. So I trained to be a driving instructor.

I enjoy my work as a driving instructor and enjoy meeting all kinds of people of all ages. They're not always 17 years old and I usually have a range from 17 to, my oldest pupil, Gwen, who was 83. Yes, she did pass!  

I enjoy the chat and having a laugh with them. But, most of all, I get a real buzz out of when they pass their driving test and get a licence.

I try to tailor the pace of my lessons to the individual pupil. Some are exceptionally nervous and need to be encouraged to make progress at a pace that they are comfortable with. Some can be a touch overconfident and have to be shown how to get a good foundation to their driving.

Everyone is different.

I would encourage pupils to ask lots of questions about their driving lessons rather than to just do what I tell them. To be a good driver it's important to understand why we do things in a certain way.

But don't just take my word for it. Check out some of the things my wonderful pupils have been kind enough to say about my driving lessons.

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