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Intensive lessons?

I was approached last week by an English company about offering intensive driving lessons through them. They are not a driving school and I would be very careful about signing up with them.

They claim to do everything for you, including finding a test date and a suitable instructor. They do not have any better access to test dates than anyone else and they will just try to sign you up to whichever instructor they have on their books.

From reviews I have read, they will only speak to the pupil, not the parents. Not always a good thing.

Reviews are 90% good but that's referring to how instructors are teaching pupils. The remaining 10% are generally from frustrated parents and pupils, some of which have lost a lot of money.

Talking of which, 10 hours driving lessons for £620! I wish!

Don't assume paying a lot of money will put you at an advantage. It's only an advantage to that company. The driving instructors don't get £62 an hour either!

If you see any ads or are contacted about Intensive Lessons, do a bit of research before you hand over any money.

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