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Automatic Driving Lessons

Taking Bookings For Automatic Lessons Now!

I'm now offering automatic driving lessons in a Ford B Max in the area surrounding the Downpatrick Test Centre. That includes Newcastle around through Killyleagh and Strangford/Portaferry and all areas in between.

The car is fully insured and, of course, has dual controls.

The car is very easy to drive with a computer controlled, six speed automatic gearbox. It also has power steering and parking sensors.

It is a similar size to a Ford Fiesta but with a higher driving position that makes visability much better when learning to drive.

Why learn in an automatic car?

Many people simply struggle to drive a car with a manual gearbox and clutch.

It has often been said that if automatic cars had been invented first, there would never have been a manual car.

Maybe you have taken driving lessons in the past and given up because you have found that remembering about the gears or clutch was too much to think about.

There's nothing to be ashamed about. Some people find it difficult to coordinate everything.

Anyone can learn to drive in an automatic car quicker than a manual.

There are only two pedals on the floor.

One makes it go and the other makes it stop. Simple.

This allows you to concentrate on steering and paying attention to the road.

As one of my ex pupils said to me, it just takes all of the pressure off.

But they're expensive...

If buying new, they are slightly more expensive.

But no worse than specifying a set of pretty alloy wheels!

In real terms, the price difference is much less than it used to be with the old type of automatic gearboxes.

Second hand, the difference is even less noticable. 

As I write this, the cheapest available in Northern Ireland is a VW Golf at £690.

There's not many available...

Again, as I write this, there are 3323 second hand, automatic cars for sale in Northern Ireland. 

Plus, many are small and medium sized cars.

They drink fuel...

Older design automatic gearboxes were not very efficient for fuel consumption. The latest types have six, sometimes up to nine, forward gears.

Controlled by a computer, the car is always in the correct gear.

Government fuel consumption figures state that the difference between modern manual and automatic cars is identical or within one or two mpg.

They are slow...

An automatic car with six speeds and dual clutch is quick off the mark. Plus, it's always in the right gear when you need to accelerate.

But I won't be able to drive a manual car...

That's true and it's something only you can decide if it's going to be a problem.

What I do find, though, is that many people will never be a confident driver in a manual car anyway.

Or else they keep tormenting themselves with taking lessons in the hope that something will 'click' and they'll suddenly be able to drive a manual car without any fear.

Doesn't usually happen. 

There's nothing to stop someone learning in an automatic, getting some confidence when driving for a while and doing a manual car test in the future.

It's up to you.

My friends think it's a stupid idea.

Usually, your 'friends' will quote you the reasons that I've already mentioned above and I think that I've dispelled those myths already. Ask one of your friends if they have ever actually driven an automatic car.

If they tell the truth, it's fairly unlikely that they have.

The bottom line is, what do you want to do?

Do you want to keep torturing yourself trying to get that manual licence or do you want the freedom of going wherever you like, when you like, right now?

By the way, no one will be able to tell you are driving an automatic car!

Can I try one out...?

Of course!

As long as you have the necessary provisional driving licence, I can let you see what it's like to actually drive an automatic car. But I must warn you, you will want one after that.

Most people learn to drive in an automatic much quicker than a manual with less driving lessons needed.

Give me a call now if you would like to book a lesson.

Save up to £100 on your practical driving test!

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If you ring me and it goes to voicemail, I'm on a lesson. I won't answer calls while on a lesson. As well as not being fair to my pupil, it's illegal. Leave a message with a name and number and I promise I'll ring you ASAP.

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