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Automatic Car Available for Lessons!

90% + FIRST TIME PASS RATE in Downpatrick

Do you want to gain your independence by learning to drive? Then perhaps John's Driving School can help you by giving you the skills and confidence required to get your licence.


As a fully qualified and registered driving instructor, in Downpatrick, I tailor your lessons to ensure you learn at the best pace to suit you.

John's Driving School has a First Time Pass Rate of over 90% at the test centre in Downpatrick and I'm confident that I can get you through 1st time.


Do you want to be one of those people who pass the test 1st time?

Well, with John's Driving School in Downpatrick, you can! If you have your Provisional Licence, I normally have a couple of slots available in the coming week.


I give intensive driving lessons in and around the Downpatrick area and can pick up and drop off anywhere in the surrounding area.


It won't even cost you anything to try out a FREE driving lesson!


If you are serious about learning to drive then you've nothing to loose.


Why not give John's Driving School a ring today and get started.

Book Your Automatic Driving Lessons!

Learn to drive in a car with an automatic gearbox. Now taking bookings. Details on the automatic lessons page.



Every now and again I get a new pupil who has had lessons before and they complain that their previous instructor just stopped replying to their texts.
Let me explain why.
They have had a lesson booked and an extra shift comes up at work. Or mum has offered to take them shopping. Or they've blown the money for the lesson the night before.
No problem, I'll just text my instructor and tell him I'll go out tomorrow instead. 
Then after this happens a couple of times, he stops replying to your texts.
Some advice.
If you really do have to cancel, ring and speak to the instructor or at least leave a voicemail. Much better than an impersonal text.
Offer to pay for the missed lesson. Even if he doesn't ask for it, it's a good thing to do.
Finally, have some respect for the instructor's time. When you cancel at short notice, he generally loses money.
Instructors understand that people can be ill or have problems. But if they don't know what's going on, they have to cover themselves.


A problem that has came up recently.

When you leave me a voicemail, please leave me a contact number!

If your call goes straight to my voicemail, it's unlikely that your number will appear on my phone. And if it's 'withheld' or 'unknown' then I've no chance.

I'm good, but even I'm not that good!

Talking about you, Natilie from Maghera. ;-)

Now Taking Bookings For Automatic Driving Lessons.

Many driving instructors are offering automatic driving lessons. What they forget to tell you is that you have to provide the automatic car!

Now you can try one to see if an automatic is the way to go for you before you buy an automatic car. Maybe you've tried to learn to drive several times in the past, but just feel that you just can't master the clutch and gears. 

You will love driving an automatic car!

No pressure and you can concentrate on the road instead of trying to co-ordinate your hands and feet.

Give me a call and book a lesson in a modern automatic fitted with dual controls.

Talk to me!

Text messaging is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't replace having a conversation.

 I've been receiving a few recently on the lines of 'How much are your lessons?'

Some even expect to actually book a lesson from a few text messages!

I'm a professional driving instructor and to be able to give you the best advice I like to know what driving experience you've had?

Have you done the theory yet?

Automatic or manual lessons?

Where you live?

Your name???

I don't have the time to hold long conversations by text, I'm far too busy!

But I would like to have a grown up chat on the phone about what you would like to get from your driving lessons. Give me a call and if I can't answer, leave a voicemail and I promiise I will return your call ASAP.

The last thing the examiner asks before you start your test.

"Would you like your instructor to accompany you on your driving test?"

This is entirely up to you. Some prefer to go 'solo' and some like to have me in the back of the car to help their confidence.

I'm there purely as an observer and am not allowed to say anything.

I would be asked to go on more than half the tests and this is a big benefit to all of my pupils.

Why? Because I know exactly what happens and what to expect on your test. 

It's not cheating and it means that there will be no suprises for you.

Think I'm one of the few in the area who does this.....

I belive that this is what gives me such a high first time pass rate. 

Downpatrick is THE place to do your driving test.

According to the latest government figures, more people pass in Downpatick than anywhere else in Northern Ireland.

Check out the recent article that BBC NI ran about it.

They all have their new driving licences.

What about YOU?

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Get driving now! Quality lessons with a recommended instructor in Downpatrick, Newcastle, Castlewellan, Portaferry, Crossgar, Killyleagh, Strangford, Ardglass & Killough

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If you ring me and it goes to voicemail, I'm on a lesson. I won't answer calls while on a lesson. As well as not being fair to my pupil, it's illegal. Leave a message with a name and number and I promise I'll ring you ASAP.

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